#1 Custom Du Bush DX POM coated bush DX-W thrust washer von bearingtypes 11.10.2018 05:08

Porous metal data: Porous metal is a kind of powder data. It has a porous arrangement of SOL L shaped oilless plate,guide slide plate, bronze plate,composite bearings. If it is immersed in lubricating oil, it will make the micropores overflow with lubricating oil and become oil-bearing bearings with self-lubricating properties. The porous metal data has low resistance and is only suitable for smooth non-impact loads and medium and small speeds.

Bearing plastic: commonly used Marginal lubricating bushings are phenolic plastic, nylon, PTFE, etc. DX POM coated bush DX-W thrust washer,Plastic bearings have greater compressive strength and wear resistance, can be lubricated with oil and water, but also have self-lubricating properties, but poor thermal conductivity.

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