#1 Well Perig, it means an inv von DMT11 06.12.2018 06:55

Wow! You got to love My Lead System Pro dedication and support.

I had a great time this past weekend with some mates Kolton Miller Raiders Jersey , celebrating the 4th of July in stunning San Francisco. Right this moment is the fifth and back to enterprise! When I checked my email this morning I saw I got a personal email from Cindy Sutton, who’s the My Lead System Pro Director of Operations. Let me first say that it is always a pleasure to be in contact with her. She is all the time in a great mood and so friendly, it’s refreshing!

Her e mail title was “Wow L3 here we come”, so you bet I opened it!

If you’re not conversant in My Lead System Pro management ranks, it goes from L0 to L6. I’m not going to bore you with the details however after you sponsored some people within the system, you begin to achieve ranks and get some perks with it! (very much like in a Network Marketing business)

L1 – MLSP Pro Builder: Possibility to have your testimonial on the MLSP page, great publicity to have your name on the market!

L2 – MLSP Pro Achiever: You get 5 Area Credit which implies you can absolutely combine 5 domains straight into MLSP ($250 worth)

L3 – MLSP Pro Producer: The best part of being a L3 is that you simply get a complimentary MLSP Platinum account ($a hundredmonth value!), 10% extra residual commissions. In my opinion, that is the place it becomes to be superior!

L4 – MLSP Pro Chief: More fee, host stay MLSP webinars, be invited in the private MLSP mastermind crew, big money! This is the rank that has been achieved so far. Some individuals are getting near the L5 for what I heard but no person is there yet! You can be the primary!

L5 – MLSP Pro Premier Leader: Means too many perks to say however it consists of much more commissions, $5000 money and a car lease ($12,000)!

L6 – MLSP Pro Elite Chief: Better car lease, more money, more residual commissions. When you find yourself right here, you’re on constant holidays and your small business is building on autopilot.

On the time of this writing I am an L2 Pro Achiever and I’m SO close to be a L3.

Going again to Cindy e mail, this is why the title stated “Wow L3 here we come”!
Right here is definitely the content of Cindy’s e-mail instantly from My Lead System Pro:

Hi Perig , wow you are really making it happen. Out of our Top 25 you are clearly giving our members MMT a run for their money.

Presently you are running at 22nd, that is incredible. Keep it up, we would love to have you as one of our MMT group.

You two are already L2 and climbing fast all it takes is hit L3 and you are MMT qualified.

Again, Congratulations on your hard work, and marketing efforts, they are clearly paying off. We just wanted to let you know that as of today you are running in our Top 25 for the MMT exclusive leader group. That is huge out of over 9000 members, awesome! [NOTE: That’s Top 0.2%]

Every 3 months we go over our states and bring the rising cream of the crop to the top.

You may be thinking well (Cindy) what does this mean to me and why would I care.

Well Perig, it means an invitation to collaborate in a private masterminding opportunity with the leadership inside of MLSP, the co-founders, and the EMT.

The potential to have your very own products integrated and offered to the entire MLSP data base.

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