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Build The Team: CFB Standouts Week 3 It’s all about the Redskins but I love college football as well. I’m 2 weeks late (things you don’t want to hear?) but now is as good a time as any to kick this series off. Without further adieu here is who caught my eye this week. . . Offense Hakeem Butler Womens Josh Doctson Jersey , WRSchool: Iowa State | Conference: BIG 12College Experience: RS Junior | Age: 21?Height / Weight: 6-6 / 225 lbsLast year Butler was the #2 receiving option behind Allen Lazard (who is currently on Jacksonville’s practice squad). This year he is the #1 receiving option and he showed up big against some of the best competition he’ll have all year. Iowa State lost this game but Butler showed he can hang with the big boys. Butler kept his team competitive through the majority of the game against an obviously superior Oklahoma team. He is a strong possession receiver that plays with power, speed, and has good hands. His size makes him a physical mismatch for most secondary players and he’ll be making plays for Iowa State’s offense all year long if they keep throwing his way. Butler finished with 5 catches for 174 yards and 2 touchdowns. Here is a taste of what he did this past weekend. Darius Anderson, RBSchool: TCU | Conference: BIG 12College Experience: Junior | Age: 21?Height / Weight: 5-11 / 212 lbsDarius Anderson put TCU on his back in primetime this past Saturday night. Anderson was TCU’s leading rusher last season but has not been fully 100% for a while and has missed more than a handful of games in his career. He looked 100% as he blew by Ohio State’s defense and powerful front 7. Anderson ripped off a monster run that not only set a school record for longest run from scrimmage but also set a record for Ohio State - most yards given up on a single play. Anderson has speed to take it to the house but he is also well build and has good vision and can get tough yards on interior runs as well. There will be a few running backs that will get a lot of love because of the conferences they play in but if Anderson can stay healthy and keep up this level of play he could be one of the top backs in the draft if he decides to declare. TCU got away from the run game as they fell behind and Anderson finished with 12 carries for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. A.J. Richardson, WRSchool: Boise State | Conference: Mountain WestCollege Experience: Senior | Age: 21?Height / Weight: 6-0 / 212 lbsA.J. Richardson is an under the radar WR prospect playing with an under the radar QB in Brett Rypien. The duo don’t have perfect trust and chemistry all the time but they did on a jaw dropping play as Boise State was trying to fight back against Oklahoma State this past weekend. Richardson is going to break just about every career receiving statistic he’s logged playing as one of Rypien’s more trusted options this season after Cedric Wilson (now a Cowboy) was drafted. If he can pull off a play like this with any consistency you’ll start hearing more about him in January. Outside of this beauty of a catch Richardson finished the day with 4 catches for 70 yards and a touchdown.DefenseDre’Mont Jones, DLSchool: Ohio State | Conference: BIG 10College Experience: RS Junior | Age: 21?Height / Weight: 6-3 / 286 lbsDre’Mont Jones had 1st round buzz last year but he decided to go back to Ohio State for his RS Junior season. He also showed up in primetime this past Saturday and made key plays that helped Ohio State pull away from TCU in the second half. Jones is likely going to be referred to as one of if not the most athletically gifted interior defensive line prospects in the country. Jones showed off his athleticism and skill as he intercepted a shovel pass and took it to the house and sacked TCU QB Shawn Robinson on a key drive and down as TCU was trying to get back into the game. He is currently working to get bigger without compromising his quickness to be more stout against the run. Jones finished the game with 6 tackles, a sack, a pick 6, and a pass defended. Greedy Williams, CBSchool: LSU | Conference: SECCollege Experience: RS Sophomore | Age: 20Height / Weight: 6-2 / 182 lbsThe entire LSU defense made Jared Stidham and the Auburn offense look bad and out of sync all afternoon. Stidham who is supposed to be one of the top prospects at the QB position this year thought he could get away with throwing to Andreaz “Greedy” Williams’ side of the field. Williams who is already being talked about as a top-10 prospect was an All-American last year and CB1 on many early season college draft boards. He definitely has the attitude you want out of a CB1 as well. Williams shut down his side of the field and never let Stidham get into a rhythm. Williams is a well rounded corner who can play press and off coverage and has an impressive set of instincts and ability to time and adjust to the ball in the air. You’re gonna hear his name a lot this season. Williams finished with 2 tackles, an interception, and a pass defended. Deionte Thompson, SSchool: Alabama | Conference: SECCollege Experience: RS Junior | Age: 21?Height / Weight: 6-2 / 196 lbsNick Saban has had an embarrassment of riches in terms of the talent that enters Alabama especially on the defensive side of the ball. Every year we are impressed and want one of his players which could be a defensive lineman Authentic Matthew Ioannidis Jersey , a linebacker, or a secondary player. Alabama has sent several starting caliber and star players at the safety position to the NFL which include HaHa Clinton-Dix, Landon Collins, Eddie Jackson, among others in recent years. Deionte Thompson is the next in line but Thompson is different. He is already being talked about as a generational player. Check social media for the praise he received this week from draft Twitter along with former and HOF players like Shannon Sharpe, Tory Holt, and Ryan Clark. Thompson has the ability to affect and take over games and he clearly is going to be the best safety in the class if he decides to declare at the end of the season. The plus factors for Thompson are his range, instincts, and cover ability which myself and others throw out a lot but Thompson truly executes this skills week in and week out and is game changer on the Alabama defense. Thompson had an interception week 1 against Louisville and in all honestly I could probably feature him every week this season so I’m getting one out of the way early.Thompson finished with 4 tackles and an interception. Yesterday was one of the most amazing NFL Sundays I can remember. Not only did the Redskins escape the day without a loss, but every single team in the NFC East took a beating. It feels like every team in our division has played three or four times since the last time the Redskins took the field. The manner in which our divisional brethren took their losses was also inspiring. Whether it be a record-setting kick off the foot of...Graham freaking Gano...or a loss to Kirk Cousins or even, well, any Dallas loss is inspiring—it was a very happy day in the Meringolo household yesterday. Coming off the bye week and watching the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys all lose before we take the field again is something that should be bottled up and sold as a magic elixir. The Redskins Cheap Jonathan Allen Jersey , at 2-1, have a little juice going into tonight’s tilt in New Orleans. The story is still going to be all about Drew Brees, but I love that. Nobody thinks the Redskins are coming. At all. Hell, maybe they’re right, but not because they know something we don’t. If people are doubting on the Redskins today, it is because the Redskins have inspired doubt over the years among the national audience. The coronation of Drew Brees as the all-time passing leader is an easy thing for fans around the country to glom onto, and the glomming will be in full force on national television. I can’t be the only Redskins fan excited about this.The most common question I get is what makes the Redskins think they have a chance at all against the Saints offense. Easy, I say: our defense. If there is a face of this Redskins team after just three games, it has to be the defense. That’s not because Adrian Peterson hasn’t been a great story, or because Alex Smith has failed to capture our hearts and minds. It is because the extremely brief and early success this Washington team has achieved thus far is due to the men on the defensive side of the ball. It is also true because for this team to have any chance at all against Drew Brees, Micheal Thomas, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram, it has to be the defense that makes it happen. A straight offensive battle is simply going to favor the league’s—say it with me—all-time passing leader.I was trying to think of a guy that we will need to play above his level for the Skins to emerge victorious Youth D.J. Swearinger Jersey , and I keep coming back to Quinton Dunbar. That seems pretty unfair, given he has been one the highest rated corners in the league so far. The mountains up front are going to have to do what they do, but Dunbar is going to be tested by Drew Brees and we are going to learn even more about the former wide receiver than we already knew. I think we need at least one turnover from #23 and if I’m being honest, we might need to see him take it to the house. Is it cool to make a defensive touchdown one of the keys to winning tonight? Because I think I just did...and I think it is true.Let’s do two more keys to victory and then we can see how we did on tomorrow night’s podcast. First up is the run game. It would be too easy to tie too much to Adrian Peterson. No...for the Redskins to be successful tonight, they will need two running backs perform at a high level—because the New Orleans Saints will. Chris Thompson has to have over 100 yards from scrimmage and at least one score. I don’t care how he gets it, but he needs to be productive. Let’s set the target level to 20—a total of 20 total touches for CT25 will give us at least a fighting chance.The last time we played the New Orleans Saints (you remember...our quarterback and dynamic running back got injured on the same play and we couldn’t get one yard in two chances) the Redskins had a chance to make a play to seal the win. They failed to do so and Drew Brees showed the world why he is...you guessed it...the league’s all-time passing king. The last key is this: Redskins need to sneak under the pomp and pageantry of tonight’s party in the French Quarter and make a game-winning play in the fourth quarter. It can be as simple as the quarterback sneak we failed to call and execute last year, or it can be a play made on the defensive side of the ball that results in the announcer saying, “Wow...that should just about do it tonight to lock up a victory for the Washington Redskins.” Nobody sees Washington coming, but that means absolutely nothing for a group led by what is already proving to be one of the league’s meanest defenses. You can’t win without making that last play. We have seen this team make that play already this season, but tonight, the entire country is watching. In order for folks to wake up to what kind of team Washington can be in 2018, now is the time and tonight is the stage for that play.

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