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Running shoes used for competition have a much different design than those used for training. Manufacturers increase the performance of competition shoes by ignoring durability in the design. This allows for spikes to be added to the outsoles to increase traction for each stride. Without daily punishment Matias Vecino Jersey , spikes can last for a long time with the proper usage and care.

Because spiked running shoes don?t have to be as durable as regular training shoes, the design fits the function better. Although there are different types of spikes, the concept remains the same: spikes on the outsoles of the shoes increase traction by digging into the ground for an improved grip.

The surface conditions of competitions play a major role in the choice of spiked running shoes. There are four main surfaces in competition:

? Dirt or crushed granite
? All Weather
? Indoor Tracks
? Asphalt

For competition on dirt or crushed granite, either needle or pyramid spikes, no longer than 14 inches, are suggested. The best running shoes for competitions on all weather surfaces (made of rubber or carpet like material) are needle spikes of 316 inches or less. Since indoor tracks are similar to all weather surfaces, again, the ideal pair should have needle spikes of 316 inches or less. Asphalt is the most difficult surface condition to run on because it doesn?t allow for traction benefits from spikes, and in fact only wears them down. Regular trainers are better for this surface, even in competitions.

Spiked running shoes don?t lose all their value once the spikes are worn down. The spikes are replaceable, and the only main concern is to make sure the new spikes serve the same purpose as the original shoe, since different shoes are used for different events. There are five basic types of replacement spikes:

? Pyramid spikes
? Needle spikes
? Studs
? Compression spikes
? Tartan spikes

Shoes with pyramid spikes no longer than 14 inches benefit runners on dirt or grass surfaces. Needle spikes 316 inches long benefit runners on all weather surfaces (any longer and they get stuck to the track). Studs are very dull spikes used on indoor tracks in cross country events. Compression spikes look like Christmas trees and eliminate the concern of sticking. Tartan spikes look like dull needles and are made for rubber tracks only.

On all spiked running shoes there are 3 to 11 holes for screwing in spikes. None are near the heel, and their location varies depending on the running event. Sprinting shoes have no heel, weigh the least, and have a large ?taper,? which means the toe of the shoe points up to encourage sprinters to run on their toes for increased speed. Spiked shoes for events between 800m and a mile have a small cushioned heel, less taper than sprinting shoes, and a spike plate on the ?ball of the foot,? where the toes connect to the rest of the foot. Spiked shoes for long distance runners (3,000m to 10,000m) have full length cushioning, but much fewer spikes than sprinting shoes and almost no taper.

The difference between flat trainers and racing spikes is vast when competing against others or against your personal record. Although all spiked running shoes are usually categorized into ?track spikes,? different designs are useful for different events and surface conditions. Sprinting shoes have stiff spike plates, boast the most taper, and are made to be as lightweight as possible. Long distance shoes have a more relaxed spike plate with fewer spikes, more support than sprinting shoes, but very little taper. Whether training for competition or training to beat your best personal time, the best performance your running shoes can give you depends on their suitability for the event and how they handle the surface.
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